I’m not having a very good Monday….surprise surprise.  Excuse my rant but maybe I’ll feel better afterwards


I was sick all day Sunday with some type of food poison or stomach thing.  I’m better today but not 100%.  My whole day started out wrong when I wake up late, come downstairs and find the kitchen in a total mess…dishes stacked up, no clean bottles for the baby, toys all over the family room etc.  I’ll have to say I was very disappointed in my husband.  He was really good to take on all the baby responsibilities but he totally let everything else go even after I mentioned to him about the mess the night before.  So that started my Monday……….then I come to work and the usual people who get on my nerves…well they got on my nerves.  To sum up what pissed me off……don’t ask me a question and when I don’t give you the answer you want or need…get on the phone and call someone else or ask someone else where I can hear you!  If I didn’t give you a sufficient answer…tell me that!  And I wasn’t being short with them when they asked either…..I was very professional.

 Even with the annoying people in my current area……I decided not to apply for the prestigious job I saw announced.  I talked to my boss then weighted what was more important…money or flexibility..then decided to stay where I am.  Like my boss said “You never know what might happen where you are.”

Another thing that has ruined my bliss is Friday when I picked up little boy from school I found our daycare statement in his cubby and low and behold that even after I emailed the daycare administrator that we were taking our “free vacation” the week of xmas and she replied “That’s fine”….she still charged us for that week so now our account has a balance on it (thankfully no extra late charges yet).  I’m not waiting on husband to remedy the situation.  I emailed her this morning and forwarded the email that was sent earlier as proof.  Hopefully there won’t be any further problems on this.  I would hate to have to go to the pastor and complain.

I’m still waiting to see if my cabinet contractor is going to ruin my week.  They have deposited my deposit but I didn’t hear from them last week like they said I would.  If I have not heard from them by tomorrow I will give them a call