Before I met my husband I was very ambitious in my career.  I guess I thought I would never find a husband or have a family so I looked for opportunities to excel at work.  My ambition lessened when I started dating him and frankly disappeared when we started trying to have a family.  Priority #1 was family.  Afterall I’d been working since I was 18 years old.

I have a very good secure job.  My boss is great and pretty much has the attitude….”as long as you get your job done…”.  I sorta come and go as I please and actually can get away with doing very little on certain days.  I can take off when I need to and am well rewarded on special projects.  It’s a very flexible job.  A great job if you have a child.  And I thought I would be satisfied staying where I am.  But part of the problem is….my boss threatens retirement everyday…..things will change when he does retire I’m afraid…or they may not…who knows.  The money is decent and I can live comfortably just staying in this job no matter if anything changes or not….but then again…more money would be good too.

Today I received an email with a job announcement in it.  The job is a very prestigious job working for second highest person in charge as their executive officer.  It would mean a very nice promotion and in the past would have been my dream job since I like to be on top of everything going on.  But it would also mean very little flexibility……..loss of privacy (no more workstation) and pretty much I would probably have to work a lot harder and dress more professionally than I do (not that I dress un-professional but you know what I mean).

I’ve been going back and forth about whether to even apply.  It’s only a developmental assignment for a year and who knows if I would even get it but I keep saying to myself……mo’ money, mo’money….that would be nice.

I’m going to ponder it over the weekend .  I did talk to my boss about it too.

I mean what’s more important to me……the money or being able to have the flexibility in a job…to still be a mother. 🙂