The weather has still been fairly mild these past few days but I’ve still kept the two kittens on the screen porch during the day and not allowing them to play in the backyard.  I go ahead and let the other cats go outside because they are not likely to climb a high tree and get stuck like Bubba did.  This has been a good arrangement although it takes me a little longer in the morning to round up the kittens and put them out there then go to the garage and open the door to let the others outside.

It’s nice to be able to prop the back door open to let the cats go in and out onto the porch but I’m afraid today is the last day I can do it since the weather is about to turn off cold again.  It’s so weird.  Today will be around 59-60 degrees and they are forecasting snow flurries for Sunday…..that’s the south for ya!

We have another dog in need of a home out at my mom’s.  And of course part of the stress falls on me to help.  I’ve contacted one of the local no-kill shelters (the one I got Rusty from) and asked for help but have not heard back from them yet.  This dog wandered onto my mom’s property and has been hanging out in front of her dog yard for over two weeks now.  At first we thought it was because one of the dogs was in heat but he’s been hanging around too long for that.  On top of that my mom noticed last week that he now has a hurt leg so we need to do something soon.  I sure hope the shelter calls soon.  They are closed on Mondays so I’m hoping yesterday was just too busy and maybe I’ll hear from them today.  I will be stressed over this until we get him help as I always do over any animal in need.  I can’t even think about bringing him to my house as I have met my animal quota (according to husband) and he will surely KILL me if I even mention it.