Ten things I do the same everyday.  One might say I’m stuck in my ways or in a rut

1.  Feed the cats and the dogs first thing every morning.  Cats get canned food, check the dogs dry and give them a treat.  Then scoop litter boxes.

2.  Make the baby a bottle and maybe straighten up the kitchen or downstairs

3.  Take my medicine then shower then it’s off to work between 7 and 7:30

4.  I bring a bag of instant oatmeal to work every morning…..same kind every morning…maple and brown sugar

5.  Check my email.  That’s the first thing I do when I turn on my computer

6.  Check my blog and the ones I read.  Try to do that before things start getting busy at work

7.  Pick up little boy from daycare between 4 and 5 and we come home and turn on Barney or Elmo as I prepare a snack for little boy……….everyday

8.  Prepare dinner then clean it up as husband gives little boy his bath

9.  Come up stairs after cleaning the kitchen maybe watch a little TV and/or play with little boy

10.  After boy goes to bed I might get one hour of doing nothing much (sometimes scrapbooking or computer)every evening

That’s pretty much my day…..sad isn’t it.