With the mild temperatures and the cats being able to roam freely in the back yard I should have know something like this would happen.  I have a product called CAT FENCE IN that I’ve used for years.  It’s a netting system that prevents the cats from climbing over your fence therefore containing them to your yard.  It has been very effective and I even improvised and made my own version when I moved and my yard got bigger.  I have never had my cats get over the fence and since I’d used it for years they never even try anymore.  I felt confident letting my cats roam freely in the backyard and never feared they would get out.  It was a life saver for me and the cats who were not happy being inside ALL the time.  They have a netting to put around tree to prevent cats from climbing the tree to get over but I never had a tree close enough to the fence to bother with that until I moved into this house.  But like I said they were use to the netting and they were all older and not as likely to get a wild hair and climb a tree that high…..

Which leads me to yesterday afternoon when all the cats, myself and little boy where outside enjoying the 60 degree weather.  The kittens and Little Kitten were running and playing chase and having a good time.  But then I looked over and Bubba and Dixie had run up a pine tree right next to the fence……the side of the yard where two Labs live on the other side.  Bubba was up the furtherest and Dixie was about half that distance.  Dixie got really scared and with coaxing I was able to get her down fairly quickly but Bubba was unphased and stayed up there.  I think he was at least up as high as our second story…maybe higher.

Well of course I was freaked out.  I was so afraid he’d fall into the neighbors yard and the dogs would eat him.  But he just sat there then went further out onto a branch and just hung there.  I went inside and got a bag of cat food and brought it out and shook it….didn’t work.  I opened a can of canned cat food and clinked the spoon in the bowl….didn’t work.  He meowed but didn’t really move.  I did this for several hours on and off as husband took care of little boy and got him to bed.  Around 10:00 husband came out and and we tried to throw things up there to scare him down….nope..didn’t budge.  Did I mention it was hard to even find a flash light that worked in my house.  I was out there with a very small flashlight shining it up in the tree.  Guess I need to invest in a re-chargeable one.  I gave up around 11:00 hoping that he would come down during the night.  I also stressed over Dixie possibly climbing back up during the night.  I gave up on her too.  She was thoroughly enjoying the backyard and playing so I couldn’t even catch her.  Around 2am I woke up and went out there again.  By this time Bubba was scared but couldn’t figure out how to get down.  He would sometimes crawl closer to the trunk but then would turn around and go back on the limb.  I was out there another 30-40 minutes before I went back to bed.

I woke up around my usual time because Ernie got in bed and woke me up.  Dixie must have been outside because she usually does that.  I slowly went downstairs, made the baby a bottle and then grabbed a spoon and headed for the garage to feed the cats.  Ernie of course was right there, then came Buster from outside, then Little Kitten then finally Dixie.  I walked out back and Bubba was still there and his cries were even more distressed but finally after 20 minutes of coaxing with a spoon and a can of cat food he figured out how to climb down backwards.  It took him a little while but he made it down.  I can’t believe he stayed up there all night long!

We expect another mild day today but I have to go to work today….needless to say….the kittens are spending the day on the screen porch today and will not be roaming the backyard again until I get something around those trees near the fence!  If you are as crazy about your cats as I am…..it was a very stressful evening.