The dog pen is done…..finally.  I would post a picture but believe me it’s not the prettiest handy-work on a chain link fence but it serves it purpose and is good considering we’ve never built one before.  The fence is serving it’s purpose but the dogs were not contained which caused some stress once the fence was done.  See we built the fence right up to the screen porch and because the dogs love to stay under the porch I decided to make it accessible to them from their side of the fence and then block off where they used to go under the lattice work to get under there.  As a temporary fix I stacked a patio table and some large flower pots there until I could find something more permanent and better looking.  It wasn’t 10 minutes before Rusty was out.  Then I blocked it again……he got out.  I actually went into a furious fit …..throwing plastic chairs around trying to find something to block the holes.  I was remembering the days my former dog would chew through wire and wood to get out of a fence…nothing would contain him…….I was so afraid those days were back.  I got so mad at Rusty.  Why was he ruining everything by being able to escape.

The kittens and Little Kitten had already ventured out into the yard so their freedom was short lived until I THINK I was finally able to pile enough crap up to block him from getting out.  Here I was trying to be good and let them still have access and it went back to bite me on the butt.

So far they are all still in the dog pen and at least twice I’ve gone into the garage looking for Little Kitten only to find that’s he’s gone in to the back yard.  I know he’s happy about that.  Even Ernie has been back there and enjoying his freedom to roam again. Buster has not discovered he can go in the backyard yet.  I will try and show him tomorrow.  Buster is an old cat and not long for this world I’m afraid but still spry enough to enjoy the backyard.

Tomorrow is suppose to be 60 degrees so hopefully we’ll all be able to go out there tomorrow.