Wow what a busy day!  I took the kittens and Little Kitten to the vet this morning.  The kittens needed their shots and we talked about when would be the best time to bring them in to be fixed.  Little kitten was originally brought in as a follow up from his UTI but she couldn’t really check that since his bladder was empty… he had another problem that I wasn’t aware of till this morning.  I ran out of that expensive Science Diet C/D last night and had to give them regular food….well evidently (we hope that’s it anyways) that gave Little Kitten the runs.  He smelled so bad at the vet and I felt really bad.  I asked the vet for some more kitty prozac and told her of problems there so we decided to keep him on them at least till he is able to get outside.  I anticipate this weekend since the weather will be nice that the fence will be done and he can go into the backyard again. He’s tired of being in that stinky garage.

After the vet I took a 20 minute (supposedly) drive to the cabinet place to order my kitchen cabinets.  I got lost but finally found it and asked them to proceed with the ordering.  They said it should be about 6-8 weeks. He asked for the deposit which really made it real and kinda scary.  I asked if I could mail it Monday (so it could sink in that it’s FINALLY happening).  He’ll probably come by next week for some more measurements too.

When I got home I proceeded to clean up the garage and clean litter boxes.  I loaded up the car with the stuff to go to the Humane Society Thrift shop and then headed over there.  While I was there I saw a Little Tikes Drawing Desk and I asked the guy about it and he said to ask inside.  Inside I found my former co-worker Rich who retired a few years agao (he volunteers at the shelter thrift shop).  I was glad to see him and he said he’d have to find out the price and he’d give me a call.  They called later and said it was $12 and I was like I’ll be right there.  It was in excellent condition and the only bad thing is that is doesn’t have a chair.  I was excited to get it because my sister-in-law had one for her daughter and it was really nice and even has a desk lamp.

So I cleaned out some old stuff…only to add to my STUFF….oh well.  Little boy will enjoy the desk.  Maybe not to the full extent right now but he will.