Right before Christmas and after seeing several pictures of some altered tins (the small kind…like a band-aid box), I decided to try my hand at an altered tin. I bought a Maya Road lunch tin to try first and thought I would do a Christmas one. It is not too fancy but heck it’s my first one. :-).  Not even sure if I was finished at this point.  It’s hard to tell but I used mounting dots to make part of it stand out.  They did this in a scrapbooking class I went to one time and instead of paying what they were charging for mounting strips…I found some at the Dollar Tree which work just as well.


I bought a smaller tin that is not as tall that I plan on altering with the theme of school….maybe a place to store report cards etc. Hopefully it will turn out okay. Still searching for some of the tins that are the size of a band-aid box because I like the size and the fact that it has a handle. Leave it to me to get in on something after it’s BEEN DONE for awhile and is probably going out of vogue.