We spent much of Christmas day with a sick little boy.  I actually think I caught the culprit event on film as I reviewed the video from last evenings celebration at sister-in-law’s house.  At least I suspect that was the problem.

Christmas eve started out a little stressful anyways.  Yes, it’s true my xmas spirit was gone before it even started but I tried to be a better person later.  First off little kitten (who I had stopped giving him the kitty prozac because I thought he was okay with the kittens) backed up to my bed and sprayed.  I thought I was going to lose it.  Obviously he’s still got the behavior problem and I should not have stopped with the medicine.  True he is getting along great with the kittens but I think there is still the stress of seeing the new dog outside and the fact that he can’t go outside yet.  So that started out my day.  Later in the afternoon, my husband’s siblings, their families and their mother have a tradition of eating out at a local Chinese restaurant (our favorite) then back to someone’s house to open gifts.  I wasn’t too thrilled about it this year mainly because of my husband’s younger brother and his family…mainly his stupid wife.  I had no desire to talk to or be near her and I already knew we’d probably have to contribute to their meals because they have no money.  And with no money…they still end up ordering full meals for their three small children with plenty of leftovers.  Don’t ask me why but it always pisses me off.  I got all bitchy with my husband because I didn’t want him throwing in $40 for the meal and it was just the two of us eating….the other siblings have several children and of course all get a full meal.  I’m selfish I know…I apologized to my husband later.

When we got to my sister-in-law’s and after two glasses of wine 🙂  My xmas spirit was better and we had a nice time.  Little boy enjoyed playing with his cousins and was full of energy all afternoon (no nap) and into the evening. 

My evidence on why he woke up this morning early with diarrhea and diarrhea all day long today?  As I downloaded the pictures and video I saw one of little boy loving on their family dog (near the butt area) and then reaching into his cup to eat some cheerios.  Gross!  You reckon  this is the cuprit?  I suspect so.

He was still able to enjoy his gifts this morning.  I was hoping he’d get more out of the actual process of opening the gifts but unfortunately he is still too young.  He opened some but unlike older children he did savor what he opened instead of opening them faster than it took to wrap them then on to the next one.  I think his favorite gift was a talking vacuum.  He liked his remote control car but he couldn’t really operate it and like mostly to push it around.  We adults enjoyed our gifts as well.  I received a pink Zune MP3 player and have already downloaded a bit of music that I’m enjoying now.  I pretty much got everything I asked for except the scrapbook tote but my hobby lobby gift card will take care of that.  Husband of course made out like a bandit…..I’m better at shopping for him than he is shopping for me..But he did do good this year using the list I provided. 🙂

By the afternoon little boy was quite moody from being sick and nothing much would amuse him.  I just pray this doesn’t last too long.  We still have another Christmas gathering to attend on Thursday when my sister comes up from lower Alabama. 

Tomorrow begins the after xmas shopping which I usually participate in but this year I will not.  We’ll probably work on the dog fence after a trip to Lowe’s to buy some more parts.