When my neice and nephew were little they loved Barney…the big purple dinosuar.  We never could figure out the appeal but the kids seemed to like watching the video.  Here lately little boy has been big into Elmo and even requests “BELBO” be played on the DVD player as soon as he gets home.  I guess they watched alot of Elmo at school.  Anyways, so he loves Elmo… I got him several Elmo things for Christmas and I was content in my xmas selections.

But last week when I picked him up from school he was carrying around a stuffed Barney and his teacher said he even slept with it.  Even at home he is carrying around and sleeping with the stuffed Barney we have at home (A hand-me-down from the neice and nephew’s days at nana’s house) and prefers the Barney DVD to Elmo.

I’m wondering do I now need to go get Barney things and take back the Elmo’s?  Or do I just stand by my selections.  I mean he still likes Elmo…..

I’m sure we’ll go through several more “FAVORITES” fades as he gets older.  They’ve probably just been watching more Barney at school which has gotten him hooked on Barney.  He seems to be picking up a lot of things from school these days…..not all good.

He has learned the word “MINE”….and I know he got that from school….LOL