My secret santa from my mommy board just sent me a big box of scrapbook supplies which really inspires me to do something creative.  I’m almost done with my recipe scrapbook but just have not had the time to work on it.  Now I want to also work on more creative things….there are so many projects out there not to mention personal scrapbooking. But alas I only get a few precious minutes these days to do anything…..Oh I’m not complaining (well may be a little) but it would be nice to get a couple of hours to myself (when I’m inspired) each night or even each week.

My Xmas shopping is almost done and slowly but surely my craft table is starting to clear off as I wrap each gift and put them under the tree…….Awh…..I’m actually ready to get back to normal.  I love the holidays but I’m usually glad when they are over.

I stayed home from work today.  Was congested this morning but basically needed a mental health day…..I doubled checked my mental calendar and made sure there was nothing I HAD to do today and then just laid around until the afternoon.  I did mop the downstairs, made some snack mix and decorated some reindeer cookies but other than that…relaxed.  Will leave errands for tomorrow during my lunch.  I watched a movie this afternoon too.  I watched Ratatouille which was actually quite good.  I was very surprised because at first I had no desire to buy it or watch it then as I was ordering some other things on Amazon and found it fairly cheap I decided to go ahead.  It was a really cute movie.

Guess I’ll go back to work tomorrow.  It should be a quiet week with much partying plus friday is my regular off day anyways.  I will have no time for rest that day.  Daycare is having their xmas program and then closing at 1:00.  It is so hard to believe xmas is about a week away!