My foot doctor made a mold of my foot yesterday to make me an orthodic to wear in my tennis shoes and flats.  I opted to go ahead and try it since my deductible was almost met and my insurance would pay 90%.  I’m not sure it will help but I’m willing to try anything.  My heel doesn’t hurt as bad but when I wear higher heels, the balls of my feet hurt.  He said it’s because my heels are too high but I’m wearing the exact shoe he said last week was about right since that day…my feet didn’t hurt.  This really sucks because I just got a pair of black boots from the maker of those shoes with the exact heel height.  He said I would not wear the orthodic in the higher heel shoes…’s all very confusing.

After my appointment I stopped by the Dollar Tree and get gift bags and candies to start little bags for my nephews.  Originally I was not going to do this year but guilt won over.  They probably won’t have as much stuff in them because frankly the older ones are harder to shop for since all they want are expensive things.  They are too old for coloring books etc so I’ll probably look for puzzle books are something.  The small ones are easier.

I also decided what to do about the daycare teachers.  Orginally I was going to go to the local sweet shop and order a basket full of goodies and address it to all the teachers who have dealt with little boy this year including one who hasn’t been his teacher but always loves on him when she sees him.  But now I’ve decided to still get the brownies but get individual gift bags and add more things to his actual teacher’s.  That should work out better.

My craft room has been taken over by wrapped and unwrapped gifts, rows of gift bags I’m filling and tons of other things not craft related.  I’m just having trouble finding the time to do everything (whine moment).

We thought little boy would do good if we went out to eat last night but I guess our days of eating out every week are done for now.  He was fine for awhile but then wanted out of high chair, then sitting on mommy or daddies lap was not enough, then standing in the seat beside mommy was not enough…he wanted up so he could run around.  This has happened the last couple of times we’ve eaten out and you just can’t enjoy your meal.  Several times, my husband has had to take him outside and I get stuck with the check….LOL  I guess he’s starting the terrible two’s about 3-4 months early!  And then he would not go to bed and is staying up later and later………..He is wearing me out!  LOL