Well I managed to take a couple of photo’s of little boy for our annual Christmas Card.  I opted for getting cards made this year (from the store I hate although I did online and am having them shipped so I don’t have to step foot in there…Walmart) frankly because I don’t have time to do much else. 

I usually have cards bought and pictures taken long before now but am a little behind this year on that.


I am ahead of the game on xmas presents though.  I did a lot of online ordering.  I have a couple of friends to still buy for (or add to what I’ve already bought) and maybe my mother-in-laws (I have two).  Husband is pretty much taken care of unless he adds to his list and boy is taken care of.

I finally went to the foot doctor today and got a steroid shot in the heel.  So far it feels better but no more walking barefoot and will probably get something for inside the shoe when I go back next week.  I do have a spur and lots of inflammation.  The worst foot had scar tissue too probably from past inflammation.  I’ll be glad to have happy feet again.

Have lots of plans this weekend…..hopefully we can finish or work on the dog pen as well as get the garage cleaned out.  Husband bought MORE xmas lights because he can’t stand that our gay neighbors across the street have more than us so we’ll be putting up lights as well. I can’t believe xmas is right around the corner!!!!!!