Nothing really much to write about these days.  Things have been busy at work and at home. I’m almost done with my xmas shopping. It’s mostly the adults I’m shopping for now.  I’ve had little boys stuff planned and bought for awhile now.  I’m sure I’ll find a few more things though before xmas gets here.  Adults are much harder to shop for.

Both husband and I are off work tomorrow so I pray we at least start on the proposed dog fence.  So far it’s working out now that I’ve blocked off the screened porch with big tubs (a temporary fix) but if it rains I worry about their dog food bowls.  I went online and printed out instructions on how to build a chain link fence.  I’m sure I will want to get started early tomorrow but I’m sure husband will piddle around until it’s too late to get started unless I say something.

 Little kitten has been taking  his medicines pretty well.  Who knows whether his FLUTD is better or whether the kitty prozac is working.  He does not seem to be bothered with the kittens but it seemed he never did so who knows if the kitten were what contributed to the stress.  He actually plays with them so it may have just been the dog that he got all stressed about.

I finally broke down and made an appt with a foot doctor.  My feet don’t hurt THAT bad if I wear good shoes but if I sit for any length of time…when I get up it’s like my foot is asleep but hurts real bad.  I hope they give me a shot then my foot should feel better.  It’s really hard to walk to lose weight if your feet hurt.  Happy feet make for a happy me!

Since husband came home from work late this evening I managed to get some time on my own once he got here.  I actually even finished a recipe page (below) and put all the pages into the book.  It’s really stuffed and doesn’t close well but I’ll have to work on that.
I only have a couple more pages I’d like to do. I will be sorta sorry to finish it because I really liked doing the recipe scrapbook.

Boy’s being cute these days.  He’s got this thing where he’ll put a blanket over one of our heads and say “where Dadda go?” or “Where mama go?”  I mean it’s a sentence but it’s a 20 month old’s sentence so maybe not everyone can understand.  It’s really funny though.