Friday I took my cat Rocky (aka Little Kitten) to a vet fairly close to the house instead of driving 25 miles to my usual vet.  My usual vet had diagnosed him with a bladder infection and we treated with Clavamox an antibiotic.  I did not give them to him consistently and last week little kitten walked into the computer room and sprayed the printer stand.  When I got to the new vet I explained the symptoms he had before, the changes in our eco-system (new dog, new kittens, etc) and what he did the other night with the upright spraying.  Rocky’s bladder was empty so she asked if she could keep him for the day until  he produced some urine to test.

To add to my stress here we were suppose to be going to another Thanksgiving dinner at my husband’s brother house at 3 pm and I still had to change and make something and not knowing when I’d be able to pick up kitten and whether something was terribly wrong.

Thankfully around 12:30 the vet called and talked to me for awhile and said I could come get him.

She told me that Rocky probably had a FLUTD which is Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease but in his case it might be more a Syndrome than a disease.  She said it sounded strange but it may be from something almost like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and these current health problems may be stemming from the stress of the new dog and the new kittens.  Not sure if I’m explaining right but basically he has some health issues and some psychological issues as well.  The standing and spraying is a territorial action.  The changes and the fact that he’s probably getting less attention have stressed him out which has caused these health issues.

It all sounds really far fetched but then again makes perfect sense.  The vet prescribed another antibiotic round, some Amitriptyline (like a kitty prosac but for behavior problems not depression) and changed his diet to Science Diet’s C/D Formula.

I got really upset that my changes have caused little kitten stress.  Then I got all upset because we had planned on gong to my grandmother’s next Thursday and how then could I give him his medicine.  The vet suggested boarding him during that time but talk about adding more stress.  She also suggested adding another litter box and possibly bringing on in to where he hangs out most.  I will probably add another box or two but I’m sorry little kitten I’m not bringing one back into the house.  We also plan on building a dog fence to keep the dogs in so the cats can roam freely in the back yard.  I don’t see this happening REAL soon but am working on husband.

We decided to post pone our trip and Ive been really careful to give him his medicine every day.  Talk about cat drama!  Who would have thought!?